• $68

    2009 October 1

    Boys' Turn

    WHAT: Bonobos pink polo

    WHY: You may think that October's Breast Cancer Awareness month is a cause just for the ladies, but Bonobos wants you to know that the boys have got your back as well. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this pink polo by the menswear favorite will go to The Pink Agenda, a not-for-profit organization committed to raising money for breast cancer care and research and awareness of the disease among young professionals. Really want to show your love and support, gentlemen? Bonobos has a pair of pink trousers available now as well...

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  • $3,895

    2009 September 30

    Bigger is Better

    WHAT: Sang A large River tote

    WHY: We've been trying, for the sakes of our backs, to downsize our lives and stick to smaller bags. But there are some days--traipsing around Paris with stacks of show invites, peut-être?--that you just need a little more room. This Sang A tote in a gorgeous gray python gives you the convenience of being able to throw everything from your backup Repettos to your Smythson notebooks to go, but it's infinitely chicer than one of those million grubby canvas totes you carry your groceries in. Post fashion month, it's back to les petites...but for now, bring on the big bags!

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  • $455

    2009 September 29

    Anatomy of a Necklace

    WHAT: Aesa's Ascension necklace

    WHY: You may remember biology and anatomy classes as less style, more studying--but then you probably didn't have this necklace while you were cracking those books. This stunning Aesa piece recalls a perfect gold spine. Unsure of body parts as jewelry? Fear not: the effect is less grusome, more organic. Med school, anyone?

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  • $795

    2009 September 28

    Tiny Dancer

    WHAT: Christian Louboutin's Lolo pump

    WHY: Ok, so with a heel this towering, you may not be quite so tiny anymore--but find your inner ballerina with these sweet but sexy pumps, courtesy of Monsieur Louboutin. The pale pink suede, squared-off toe, and cord bow all cheekily channel those ballet slippers of your dancing days. No tutu required!

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