• $415

    2009 October 29

    Belgian Beauty

    WHAT: Suzanna Dai Antwerp necklace

    WHY: Her jewelry may be inspired by exotic locations from St. Petersburg to Monte Carlo, but it's the Antwerp variety we currently can't get enough of. This stunning piece is practically a look all on its own; pair it with the simplest of blouses or an equally over-the-top dress, and either way all eyes will be on vous. We think it's time for a Belgian vacation...

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  • $1,040

    2009 October 28

    Rain, Rain...

    WHAT: Lanvin patent oxford bootie

    WHY: The Daily does not endorse that you puddle-jump in your Lanvin--but the truth is, patent leather is much more resilient to the kind of rain currently plaguing Manhattan than suede or canvas. These gorgeous two-tone patent oxfords by Monsieur Elbaz are just the thing to stand up to a few pesky raindrops...and put us in a much better mood at the same time.

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  • $750

    2009 October 27

    Cozy Up

    WHAT: 3.1 Phillip Lim curly fur vest with grosgrain trim

    WHY: Because baby, it's cold outside--and the only way to beat the chill is to layer, layer, layer. If, like yesterday, the sun decides to shine again, pair this cozy lamb shearling vest with a long-sleeved henley or Breton tee--but when the real winter chill sets in, you'll look just as chic topping a slim-cut leather jacket with this fluffy fur and wrapping yourself in an equally chic scarf and hat.

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  • $160

    2009 October 26

    Ring of Fire

    WHAT: Fallon claw crystal cuff

    WHY: You're sorry to admit that as the weather gets colder, your wardrobe gets darker. That white summer sundress turns into a gray sheath, and before long that becomes the black winter coat you wear for what seems like months. And while you might throw a punchy blouse or pair of shoes in the mix from time to time, a wardrobe tout en noir gets dull, fast. In the spirit of this lovely fall day, we dare you to get colorful! If only we could find a frock in the divine orange of this bright, sparkly Fallon cuff...

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