• $725

    2009 November 3

    Metal Mania

    WHAT: Anndra Neen studded metal clutch

    WHY: No, not metallic--this clutch really is metal. This hammered silver clutch has a spring hinge that closes the top flap, making this one accessory that's tough enough to stand up to quite a beating--and with studs and embellishments adorning the back, we think it might look even better once it gets banged-up a little! So while you've always been taught to take care of your precious things, let yourself off the hook a little..this rockin' clutch can take it.

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  • $695

    2009 November 2

    Back To Basics

    WHAT: Smythe wool-blend equestrian jacket

    WHY: We know, we all had a great time with the Halloween festivities this weekend, too--but now it's time to get back to basics. Put the feather boas, face paint, and otherwise outrageous costumes away, and as soon as you slip on this luxe wool blazer you won't look back. It may look basic, but with details like a cut-away front, three flap pockets, and leather elbow patches (we love!), we can guarantee you won't want to take it off. Until next Halloween...

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  • $1340

    2009 October 29

    Too Haute Not to Handle

    WHAT: Rimowa's Topas Titanium Case

    WHY: Because we travel anything but lightly. With The Daily's luggage weighing upwards of 70 pounds during those three-week-long jaunts to Europe for the collections, we've gone through more suitcases than we care to mention. It's time to bring in the big guns. Rimowa's masterful case only weighs 9.7 pounds--bonus--and packs in everything we need. The best part? The handle is sturdy enough so it won't be mangled by an Air France handler (cough) struggling to lift it. All this from the brand that launched wooden luggage in Germany in 1898! Speaking of--have you booked your Thanksgiving tickets yet?

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  • $415

    2009 October 29

    Belgian Beauty

    WHAT: Suzanna Dai Antwerp necklace

    WHY: Her jewelry may be inspired by exotic locations from St. Petersburg to Monte Carlo, but it's the Antwerp variety we currently can't get enough of. This stunning piece is practically a look all on its own; pair it with the simplest of blouses or an equally over-the-top dress, and either way all eyes will be on vous. We think it's time for a Belgian vacation...

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