• $285

    2009 November 6

    Top It Off

    WHAT: Reinhard Plank Alpino hat

    WHY: Because one of our favorite things about winter is the array of chic berets (how française) and beanies (how Alex Wang!) we can sport. This Reinhard Plank topper takes the cake, though--the old-timey cloche style, the luxe velour rabbit fur, and the glam leopard print make this one that we'll want to display as much as wear. Prefer something un peu more demure? The hat comes in black, too, and it's no less chic...but haven't we always said that more is more?

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  • Skin Signature Cream, $195. Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask, $135

    2009 November 5

    Protect that Gorgeous Visage!

    WHAT: SK-II Skin Signature Series: Skin Signature Cream and Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask

    WHY: Because cold weather equals dry skin, and moisturizing becomes even more important once those temperatures start to drop. We're currently surviving on SK-II cream, which is designed for super hydration and prolonged firmness--and the mask stretches across the top and bottom of your pretty little face, battling both brow and jaw issues. Winter may be against you, but SK-II will save!

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  • $125

    2009 November 4

    It's Kaiser Time

    WHAT: Lauren Urstadt quilted fingerless gloves

    WHY: Practically speaking, because it's cold outside. And because you'd like to have the use of your fingers even when it's cold outside. But let's just push all that practicality aside for a moment, shall we? These gloves are just so bad, and we mean that in the best possible way. Quilted! Fingerless! There isn't any way to get closer to Karl...

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  • $725

    2009 November 3

    Metal Mania

    WHAT: Anndra Neen studded metal clutch

    WHY: No, not metallic--this clutch really is metal. This hammered silver clutch has a spring hinge that closes the top flap, making this one accessory that's tough enough to stand up to quite a beating--and with studs and embellishments adorning the back, we think it might look even better once it gets banged-up a little! So while you've always been taught to take care of your precious things, let yourself off the hook a little..this rockin' clutch can take it.

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