• $89

    2009 November 16

    A Perfect Match

    WHAT: T by Alexander Wang striped baggy tank

    WHY: Two of our favorite things have met at last: preppy sailor stripes and Alex Wang's perfectly slouchy tees. As though his collection of super-comfortable and just-sheer-enough gray, black and white tees wasn't enough of a staple of our closets, now Alex the boy wonder has introduced this classic pattern--which also comes in a truly adorable romper version. Can we buy in bulk?

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  • $250

    2009 November 13

    Top of the Props

    WHAT: Richard Phillips "Spectrum"

    WHY: Haute retailer Intermix has taken its relationship with art one step further for the holidays, collaborating with the Art Production Fund to create limited-edition canvas reproductions of Richard Phillips original art. (You may recognize the "Prop Art" from a certain Van der Woodsen loft on a certain CW television show.) But not only is this bright work a perfect way to jazz up your abode, but 100% of the proceeds go toward the Art Production Fund, which facilitates projects by contemporary artists.

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  • $295

    2009 November 12

    The Cherry On Top

    WHAT: Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson studded baby ball bag

    WHY: We're always on the lookout for those petite pouches to give our achin' backs a break. One of the cutest to catch our eye of late: this sweet studded mini ball of a bag, in a perfect cherry-red shade. Even more delicious is the price--but when bag guru Joy Gryson (Olivia Harris is the Gryson designer's diffusion line) is on the job, you know you can't go wrong.

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  • $395

    2009 November 11

    Forever in Blue Jeans

    WHAT: camillajames Two Times Blue denim bib necklace

    WHY: You know who you are: the girl that find it tough to part with her denim, even when the occasion calls for something a little sleeker and chicer. Don't give up hope yet! This chunky camillajames necklace is fashioned from vintage denim, wrapped with lines of rhinestones and tough silver chains for a decidedly grown-up take on your battered old 501s.

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