• $495

    2009 November 20

    Silver Bullet

    WHAT: 7 For All Mankind sequined blazer

    WHY: With Thanksgiving less than a week away, it's safe to say we're in holiday season territory. And what better way to get you through the season than with a fabulously festive topper? We've been wearing our go-to black blazers for days on end, but this silver sequined variety is appropriate alternative, n'est-ce pas? Cue the Christmas carols!

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  • $178

    2009 November 19

    Feathered Friend

    WHAT: Iosselliani feather cuff bracelet

    WHY: The feather has so much pretty appeal, but the real thing can often come off a bit much, non? Iosselliani's solution: turn the sweet shape into a chunky cuff. It will give your leather leggings and glam-rock spin, but plays double duty accessorizing a floaty frock. Of course, if you want to go the hippie route, it will do quite nicely for that as well...

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  • $225

    2009 November 18

    Heart of Glass

    WHAT: Nicole Miller Collection necklace

    WHY: While we'll never tire of gold, silver, pearls and stones, we love it when a statement necklace gives us something a little more fresh. Glass? Perfect--expecially when cut into Deco-esque shapes and strung on chunky silver chains. The peekaboo effect it will have on your high-necked dresses and tops (especially in a print!) will be just as fun as wearing it against a bare neck will be sexy.

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  • $325

    2009 November 17

    Getting Graphic

    WHAT: Burberry print long-sleeved tee

    WHY: If graphic tees bring you back to your tween days, think again. (Naturally, Chris Bailey would be the one to do it right.) These printed tees from the brand's Fall 2009 collection look just as good layered under a nubby blazer--for the boys and the girls!--as they do topping off a perfectly feminine skirt (see: Gwyneth, who paired her sleeveless version with a brand-new Spring 2010 skirt at the London show).

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