• $44

    2009 December 4

    Super Fruit

    WHAT: Kiehl's Since 1851 Acai Damage-Correcting Moisturizer

    WHY: We've spent more time in the sun than we care to admit, and that premature aging process has happened a little too prematurely for comfort. While we're always seeking out the latest dewiness-inducing moisturizer, this latest offering from Kiehl's does that brilliantly, and them some. Besides the hydration thing, it protects the skin's natural lipid barrier while the antioxidants contained in the acai (a favorite health food that's equally great for the skin) fight the battle we once waged with our skin. Joy--smoother than ever. And the repentance feels pretty great, too.

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  • $45

    2009 December 3

    Light Up Your World

    WHAT: Temperley London for Amnesty International candle

    WHY: With Human Rights Day approaching on December 10, longtime Amnesty International supporter Alice Temperley has partnered with the human rights organization to create this bright pink candle. "The symbol of the candle highlights perfectly the hope that Amnesty gives to so many people around the world by improving human rights," says Temperley of the project, which will support the many campaigns and initiatives it spearheads each year. It's hard to argue with Temperley's do-gooding, and with a pretty pink shade and the scent of black currant, vanilla, orange blossom, and rose, your home decor won't be able to argue, either.

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  • $60

    2009 December 2

    Sneak Must

    WHAT: Vena Cava for Converse 1HUND(RED) Artists Chuck Taylor sneakers

    WHY: Every year, we find another variety of Chuck Taylor to obsess over. In 2008, it was the studded version from Bess NYC, which we've worn to pieces. Thank goodness that Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai designed these brilliant high-tops to benefit The Global Fund, which aims to eliminate AIDS in Africa. Not only do we j'adore the sketches, based on their Havisu print--which we would like people to believe we did ourselves with a ballpoint pen during World Geography class--but we love the red and blue stripes on the sole. We just hope they stay in stock long enough at New York's The (Red) Store at 680 Fifth Avenue so we can order for a few selects on our holiday shopping list.

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  • €1,200

    2009 December 1

    Start Your Engines

    WHAT: Ruby and Karl Lagerfeld tweed helmet

    WHY: We all remember those iPod-holding helmets sported by the models at Karl Lagerfeld's fall 2009 show, but did you ever think you could get your hands--er, head--on one? Les Ateliers Ruby founder Jérôme Coste and Karl Lagerfeld created these beauties, only for the chicest of motorcycle chicks. Want to go extra luxe? The helmet is also available in white rabbit fur, fabric embroidered with pearls, or black minx, so you can really ride in style.

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