• $1,670

    2009 December 16

    Get Shorty

    WHAT: Fendi leather zipper-pocket shorts

    WHY: Yes, it's cold outside. Yes, maybe a bit too cold for your average short-shorts--but then, who said these are your average short-shorts? These Fendi shorts are made of the most luxe leather in a bright orange shade, which will be perfect come spring with a crisp white shirt or tee. But if you, comme nous, are too impatient to wait until spring to wear the beauties, try them over a cozy pair of gray cable-knit tights and tall boots.

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  • $327

    2009 December 15

    Gone Fishing

    WHAT: Arielle de Pinto hand-crochet necklace

    WHY: Even if you can't crochet yourself, you still surely can appreciate some good old-fashioned handiwork--especially when it looks this lovely. This necklace is actually hand-crocheted 925 Italian gold vermeil, woven into a perfectly pretty net that will stun against a bare neckline. As for the burnished gold shade? All the better for that delicate, vintage vibe, we say--but if you're looking for something a bit more shiny and new, the look comes in silver or brighter gold as well.

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  • $185

    2009 December 14

    Sweet and Spiky

    WHAT: Flutter by Jill Goldin St. Germain Albert earrings

    WHY: You love sugar and spice and everything nice, but sometimes all that sweetness can get a bit...saccharine. Want to balance that girliness? Try these triple spike earrings by Flutter by Jill Goldin. A touch of toughness is the perfect antidote to all those holiday dresses, non?

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  • $35

    2009 December 11

    Writer's Block, Begone

    WHAT: Lanvin Alber printed pencil set

    WHY: Because if you're lacking the chunk of change for a gorgeous Lanvin frock, you can get a petit Alber fix with this adorable pencil set. Six printed pencils come in a matching case, all designed by the genius that is Mr. Elbaz. We think these might just make the perfect gift for your fashion-obsessed writer and artist friends--although if you want to keep them for yourself, we won't blame you...

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