• $325

    2009 December 21

    Ready to Wrap

    WHAT: Lulu Frost deco bow dress clip earrings

    WHY: Whether you've finished your shopping or not, that whole "holiday spirit" thing has become unavoidable--not that you're complaining. It's time to give in to the urge to wrap everything in colored paper and bedeck it with bows, but don't forget yourselves, darlings! We'll give you the pass on the paper, but these sweet bow earrings from Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost are too perfect to pass up.

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  • $135

    2009 December 18

    Snake Charmer

    WHAT: Samantha Wills' Snake Ring

    WHY: 'Tis the season for a bit of statement jewelry. Cartier began the whole animals-as-finger-candy trend, with that legendary Panther collection, but we love Samantha Wills' cost-effective take on the idea. This slightly devious, slightly sparkly bauble will take all the attention away from your manicure. Added bonus? No other jewels required.

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  • $395

    2009 December 17

    Tie One On

    WHAT: Roarke le Charlot necklace

    WHY: Because our delicate little pendants, much as we may love them, just aren't cutting it anymore. We need bigger, more sparkling, can't-take-your-eyes-off it glamour, and Roarke's stunning necklaces do just that--with the ease of a bandanna (the intricate beadwork is backed on fabric). We've seen them sported with casual day dresses to serious formalwear, and love them all the while. Isn't it time to tie one on?

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  • $1,670

    2009 December 16

    Get Shorty

    WHAT: Fendi leather zipper-pocket shorts

    WHY: Yes, it's cold outside. Yes, maybe a bit too cold for your average short-shorts--but then, who said these are your average short-shorts? These Fendi shorts are made of the most luxe leather in a bright orange shade, which will be perfect come spring with a crisp white shirt or tee. But if you, comme nous, are too impatient to wait until spring to wear the beauties, try them over a cozy pair of gray cable-knit tights and tall boots.

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