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    2010 February 16

    Toughen Up

    WHAT: Clare Tough Eva Bodice top

    WHY: Fashion Week's almost over, and you're feeling the pain. But much as you might want to give in and sport your sweats to the tents, hang tough! We've been inspired not only by the moniker behind this sexy corset top, but the take-no-prisoners style. Whether you layer it under a prim cardigan or go all-out with sequined harem pants, we're sure this will give you the boost you need to get you through the week.

    PRICE: $480

    AVAILABLE: www.kirnazabete.com

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  • Marlaina Stone 'Hunni' Necklace

    2010 February 15

    Beachy Keen

    WHAT: Marlaina Stone 'Hunni' Necklace

    WHY: Forget snow angels and sleigh rides. It's only February, but we're ready for beach retreats and tropical spas. Add warmth into your wintry wardrobe with a jet-set vacation to St. Barts or this chunky multi-strand necklace, which bears freshwater pearls, Quartz Crystal, and Blue Lace Agate. Can you smell the saltwater air yet?

    PRICE: $2,500

    AVAILABLE: www.MarlainaStone.com

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  • Hunter_O_Yellow_profile.jpg

    2010 February 13

    Puddle Pushers

    WHAT: Hunter Women's Original rain boot

    WHY: The snow may have stopped, but the puddles still remain. You know the ones: seas of slush and sludge at every intersection, requiring a perfectly planned tiptoeing on curbs and the occasional leap. Enjoy the game? Go ahead, but we say there's no shame in embracing your inner child and marching right through--providing you have the right footwear, that is. Enter the Hunter boot...

    PRICE: $115

    AVAILABLE: www.bloomingdales.com

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  • Valentino feathered sandals

    2010 February 12

    Feathered Friends

    WHAT: Valentino's feather-trimmed satin sandals

    WHY: We've been coveting these feathery feet-lovers since the shoe concept debuted at the Valentino couture show last July, and at last--at last!--the ready-to-wear version is in stores. Our basic black dresses demand an update, and in these...well, let's just say the dress becomes virtually irrelevant. And those of you bound for the Tents, remember that there is no better way to impress the paparazzi...and Net-a-porter does messenger to the New York City area. Get yours in time for Marc!

    PRICE: $895

    AVAILABLE: Net-a-porter.com

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