• Bruno Frisoni

    2010 February 22

    Ride the Wave

    WHAT: Bruni Frisoni ruffle-trimmed heels

    WHY: Waves of pepto-pink ruffles make this pair of Bruno Frisoni heels ultra-femme and ready for revelry. Sometimes it’s cathartic to pull out all the girly stops with plenty of frilly bells and whistles, and these chaussures are just the ticket.

    PRICE: $910

    AVAILABLE: Bruno Frisoni

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  • Daily Obsession

    2010 February 18

    Headbands Gone Wild

    WHAT: Benoît Missolin "Mona Barroco" Headband with Fabric Rose

    WHY: You don't have to be a real life cougar to wear spots. Catch the king of the jungle with this hot pink animal-print headband. The chic accessory will give a little pizazz to your part and oomph to your frosty frocks.

    PRICE: $202.63

    AVAILABLE: www.BrownsFashion.com

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  • Georgina Goodman: "Nadine 09"

    2010 February 17

    Architectural Digest

    WHAT: Georgina Goodman "Nadine 09" Sandals

    WHY: Hit the bullseye in London, Paris, or Milan Fashion Week with this statement-making pair of heels. They'll bring out your inner Lady Gaga and have you hopping on the fashion stage for your candid close-up. Plus, Georgina Goodman was the shoe designer for Brian Reyes' Fall 2010 collection. That's no small feet (pun intended).

    PRICE: $821.35

    AVAILABLE: www.GeorginaGoodman.com

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  • claire_tough.JPG

    2010 February 16

    Toughen Up

    WHAT: Clare Tough Eva Bodice top

    WHY: Fashion Week's almost over, and you're feeling the pain. But much as you might want to give in and sport your sweats to the tents, hang tough! We've been inspired not only by the moniker behind this sexy corset top, but the take-no-prisoners style. Whether you layer it under a prim cardigan or go all-out with sequined harem pants, we're sure this will give you the boost you need to get you through the week.

    PRICE: $480

    AVAILABLE: www.kirnazabete.com

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