• Gilded cut-out Osklen bag

    2010 February 23

    The Gilded Age

    WHAT: Gilded cut-out Osklen bag

    WHY: Finding an enormous tote roomy enough to hold your life that looks ultra-chic and not just utilitarian can be a feat. That is why we love this gilded (and colossal!) cutout bag by Osklen that promises to discretely carry all your necessities.

    PRICE: $897

    AVAILABLE: Osklen.com or Osklen Boutique, 97 Wooster St.

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  • Bruno Frisoni

    2010 February 22

    Ride the Wave

    WHAT: Bruni Frisoni ruffle-trimmed heels

    WHY: Waves of pepto-pink ruffles make this pair of Bruno Frisoni heels ultra-femme and ready for revelry. Sometimes it’s cathartic to pull out all the girly stops with plenty of frilly bells and whistles, and these chaussures are just the ticket.

    PRICE: $910

    AVAILABLE: Bruno Frisoni

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  • Daily Obsession

    2010 February 18

    Headbands Gone Wild

    WHAT: Benoît Missolin "Mona Barroco" Headband with Fabric Rose

    WHY: You don't have to be a real life cougar to wear spots. Catch the king of the jungle with this hot pink animal-print headband. The chic accessory will give a little pizazz to your part and oomph to your frosty frocks.

    PRICE: $202.63

    AVAILABLE: www.BrownsFashion.com

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  • Georgina Goodman: "Nadine 09"

    2010 February 17

    Architectural Digest

    WHAT: Georgina Goodman "Nadine 09" Sandals

    WHY: Hit the bullseye in London, Paris, or Milan Fashion Week with this statement-making pair of heels. They'll bring out your inner Lady Gaga and have you hopping on the fashion stage for your candid close-up. Plus, Georgina Goodman was the shoe designer for Brian Reyes' Fall 2010 collection. That's no small feet (pun intended).

    PRICE: $821.35

    AVAILABLE: www.GeorginaGoodman.com

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