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    2010 April 19

    The Pearly Face

    WHAT: Själ Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask

    WHY: You may consider pearls as a sweet accessory to wrap around your neck, not to rub into your face—but maybe that’s because you’ve never tried this mask. Tiny pieces of crushed pearls (yes, vraiment) gently exfoliate without that rough, sandy sloughing found so often in exfoliating products, while fruit and plant enzymes and acids balance and moisturize. Ridiculously luxe? Absolutely. Fifteen minutes on your face, and you'll be a new woman!

    PRICE: $165

    AVAILABLE: www.barneys.com

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    2010 April 16

    Sweet Reverie

    WHAT: Reverie Convergence necklace

    WHY: As though you needed another reason to go to Chelsea Market: the center's brand-new Anthropologie opens today. And as though you needed another reason to go to Anthropologie: this particular store will be carrying one-of-a-kind pieces by local artisan and designers. This Reverie necklace caught our eye right away; the layered '70s-era brass panels embellished with 1920s cobalt blue rhinestones have that perfect vintage charm without being too delicate.

    PRICE: $298

    AVAILABLE: Anthropologie at Chelsea Market (75 Ninth Avenue, 212-620-3116) and www.reverienyc.com

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    2010 April 15

    Au Naturale

    WHAT: Naturopathica Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex

    WHY: Because much as we may fight it, nature knows best. Naturopathica products has many treatments that are ECOCERT certified Natural and Organic--and all are super gentle and soothing. This Vitamin C complex pack the antioxidant punch of vitamins A, C, and E---plus Kudzu extract, which is a plant used against the breakdown of collagen and elastin in Asian medicines for centuries. A little added incentive for vous: Naturopathica is offering Daily readers a 15% off discount on your online purchase by using the following code: abetterbeauty. What are you waiting for?

    PRICE: $58

    AVAILABLE: www.naturopatica.com

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  • do

    2010 April 14

    Tie Yourself Up!

    WHAT: Kimberly Taylor's Toni Tank

    WHY: It's official! Tie dye is a spring essential—as always—and thankfully, designers are finding chic ways to now-ify the trend. One of our faves is Kimberly Taylor's breezy silk tank in a bold, electric blue hue. It's long enough to wear over leggings as a short dress—avec belt!—and sufficiently versatile to wear day or night, at the club or the beach. And it's thin enough to fit in any weekender bag. Mr. Garcia would approve.

    PRICE: $175

    AVAILABLE: www.kimberlytaylor.com

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