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    2010 May 7

    Painter’s Pallet

    WHAT: Mini Wendy Bag by LaLucca

    WHY: The husband/wife duo behind LaLucca bring you this delightful leather clutch, hand-painted and signed by the couple. The loud colors practically scream at you, but in a joyful way---far from irritating---and the cartoony coloring has us thinking of a Keith Haring painting. Pair with a summer frock and celebrate le week-end!

    PRICE: $375

    AVAILABLE: http://lalucca.com/




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  • neon_hart_resized_.jpg

    2010 May 6

    Hart of Gold

    WHAT: Neon Hart suedette vest

    WHY: Move over, Erin Wasson---there's a new model slash designer in town. Jessica Hart (who you may remember for her gorgeous gap) has teamed up with Aussie brand General Pants Co. for a collection called, appropriately, Neon Hart. This faux suede vest has all the model-off-duty charm we love from these girls; it's a perfect topper for skinnies and that beat-up rock tee or toughening up a floaty floral. And don't be alarmed by that Australian e-commerce, darlings: they ship internationally!

    PRICE: $99.95

    AVAILABLE: www.generalpants.com.au/

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  • NIA_24_SDPMinSunscrnTube_resized_.jpg

    2010 May 5

    Screening The Sun

    WHAT: NIA 24 Sun Damage Prevention 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

    WHY: Because it's beautiful outside today...did you remember your sunscreen this morning? Seriously, darlings: we don't mean to nag, but it's the most important step in your morning beautifying routine, and we intend to carry on reminding you throughout this month (Skin Cancer Awareness Month, obviously!). This NIA 24 variety contains Pro-Niacin, a form of vitamin B3 that helps fix sun damage by hydrating and minimizing dark spots in addition to giving you the SPF you need ---and 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the suncreen purchased on NIA24.com between May 1 and 15 will go to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Don't forget!

    PRICE: $45

    AVAILABLE: www.NIA24.com

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  • untitled_resized_.jpg

    2010 May 4

    So Surreal

    WHAT: FSAugusta Dali red and yellow gold ring

    WHY: As much as we love a big, dramatic rock on our finger (costume or girl's-best-friend variety), there's something so sleek about this all-gold version from FSAugusta, the new jewelry line helmed by St. Martins grads Zinzi Coetzee and Ursula Horton. Whether their influences are the Wynn Hotel chain, Jeff Koons, Chinese golden pigs (yes, really), or Salvador Dali's melting objects---the latter of which inspired this particular pick---these girls are certainly ones to watch.

    PRICE: $580

    AVAILABLE: www.roseark.com

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