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    2010 July 9

    The Straight and Arrow

    WHAT: Garland Collection vintage arrow collar

    WHY: Because even cooler than the necklace itself is the fact that you'll never run into anyone else with the same one! Garland Collection may be famous for its Signature Collection of nameplate fine jewelry, but the line has an incredible collection of vintage treasures as well, all lovingly curated by founder Nicole Mann Novick. Intrigued? Angelenos, listen up: Garland Collection and Ron Robinson|Fred Segal are teaming up for a trunk show this weekend (Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.), featuring a stunning collection of the vintage baubles. We wouldn't miss this one!

    PRICE: Call 310.820.2605 for pricing

    AVAILABLE: www.garlandcollection.com

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  • Aqua_Cream_9_resized_.jpg

    2010 July 8

    Stuck On You

    WHAT: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

    WHY: As though the recent rash of heat hasn't been enough to deal with, today New York has been slapped in the already sweaty face with makeup-melting humidity. Apart from touchups after every venture outside, what's a girl to do? Enter Aqua Cream, Make Up For Ever's new multi-use makeup that seriously won't budge, rain or shine. (Need more evidence? Makeup artists at the upcoming, sure-to-be sweltering Miami Swim Fashion Week will be using the stuff.) There are shades for the eyes, lips, and cheeks; this coral shade would be equally charming on the latter two, while bright turquoises and greens would make for a striking eyeliner.

    PRICE: $22

    AVAILABLE: www.sephora.com

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  • Tod_s_My_Colors1_resized_.jpg

    2010 July 7

    Team Colors

    WHAT: Tod's My Colors bracelets

    WHY: Because every four years, we care about soccer...or at least pretend to. (Admiring Cristiano Ronaldo counts.) The United States may be out of the World Cup, but that doesn't mean there's no one left to root for: do you prefer red, black, and yellow; red, yellow, and green; yellow and red; yellow and green; or red, white and light blue? If you can't choose---or you can't identify which team goes with which color (we don't judge, darlings)---a stack of team color bracelets by Tod's looks just as lovely.

    PRICE: $225 each

    AVAILABLE: Tod's boutiques worldwide

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  • ATONG_FLAG_DRESS_16x20_resized_.jpg

    2010 July 1

    Patriot Games

    WHAT: Catherine Malandrino flag dress

    WHY: Madame Malandrino may be a Frenchie through and through, but her famous American flag dress has earned a place in fashion history since its initial presentation at her Fall 2001 runway show. Luckily for vous, the designer has carried on making the patriotic frock, and it can be yours just in time for the Fourth of July---that's this Sunday, loves! (Defying gravity not included...)

    PRICE: $475

    AVAILABLE: Catherine Malandrino boutiques nationwide

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