• Red Anaconda “Francke” Clutch by Kelly Locke

    2010 August 26

    Red Alert

    WHAT: Red Anaconda “Francke” Clutch by Kelly Locke

    WHY: Real glazed anaconda in a brilliant shade of fire engine red? Oh my! The “Francke” clutch by Kelly Locke comes complete with Italian black suede lining and silk-thread hand-stitched detailing. This ultra vibrant bag serves as the ultimate companion for the LBD. Prepare to be spotted from miles and miles away.

    PRICE: $675

    AVAILABLE: vivre.com

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  • Minor Obsessions by Finn Gold Skull Necklace

    2010 August 25

    Charm School

    WHAT:  Minor Obsessions by Finn Gold Skull Necklace

    WHY: It’s easy to be majorly obsessed with jewelry line Minor Obsessions by Finn. Choose from darling charms in 10k gold. Feeling nautical? Go for the anchor. Channeling good energy? The evil eye necklace promises to keep away harmful spirits. For darker moods or for those Halloween enthusiasts out there, we suggest the skull pendant.  

    PRICE: $250

    AVAILABLE: www.minorobsessions.com

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  • Sushma Patel Amethyst Bib Necklace

    2010 August 24

    Amethyst With Envy

    WHAT: Sushma Patel Green Amethyst Bib Necklace

    WHY: Designer Sushma Patel has a bevy of resplendent baubles that have caught our eye, and one glance at the girl donning this amethyst bib necklace and you’ll grow green with envy. Statement necklaces are fabulous because they make the ensemble; simply pair with your favorite distressed jeans, and voila. Such transformation!

    PRICE: $1480

    AVAILABLE: sushmapatel.us

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  • CROW Watch in Orange

    2010 August 23

    Punchy Punctuality

    WHAT: Toddy CROW Watch in Orange

    WHY: Because the term “fashionably late” will eventually go out of style. Stay chicly punctual with these ultra bright and playful Crow watches in rainbow hues. Choose from three styles: Lush, Toddy and Bosco, all perfect for an afternoon at the gym or a glamorous evening of painting the town red, or blue, or ultraviolet…or, well, you get the idea.

    PRICE: $49.99

    AVAILABLE: http://crowwatches.com 

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