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    2010 September 7

    Champagne Wishes

    WHAT: Jessica Hicks Champagne earrings

    WHY: If there's one thing for certain about the impending fashion month, it's that there will be no shortage of champagne to get you through. But for those moments when your flute is not at your fingertops, these Jessica Hicks earrings have enough bubbly spirit to perk you right back up. Cheers!

    PRICE: $240

    AVAILABLE: www.jessicahicks.com

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  • Samarqand_resized_.jpg

    2010 September 3

    Open Window

    WHAT: Hirotaka Samarqand ring

    WHY: Because no matter how much we love a vintage jacket or meant-to-be pair of shoes, jewelry can hold a meaning like nothing else. This Japanese kimono pattern and Alhambra Palace-inspired ring is bold but delicate, with a diamon-encrusted open center that, according to the brand, symbolizes the endless possibilities in life. Perfect for this long weekend, n'est-ce pas?

    PRICE: $4660

    AVAILABLE: EVA New York, 355A Bowery, New York, (212) 925-3890

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  • June_rain_boot_fores_1C98DD_resized_.jpg

    2010 September 2

    Be Prepared!

    WHAT: Loeffler Randall rain booties

    WHY: Because it will, inevitably, rain during Fashion Week---and probably on the day that you're sporting your sky-high suede Nicholas Kirkwoods. Such is life, darlings. But with Loeffler Randall now in the wellies business, you have no excuse for not being prepared and chic should a September storm hit. We're partial to the lace-up short booties, which are cool enough to pass for proper footwear even when the sun is shining.

    PRICE: $165

    AVAILABLE: www.loefflerrandall.com

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  • Zimmermann_Tooled_Leather_Bag_2_resized_.jpg

    2010 September 1

    Don't Shoot the Messenger

    WHAT: Zimmermann tooled leather bag

    WHY: With Fashion Week just days away, we're on a serious hunt for that perfect bag. Our objective? First and foremost, it must be chic...but also big enough to stuff invites in, small enough to not bring on scoliosis, neutral enough to go with every ensemble---and a cross-body style that leaves our hands free for Blackberry-ing would be a nice touch. This Zimmermann style from our favorite Aussie beach babes fits the bill (and the budget!) perfectly. See you at Lincoln Center, loves!

    PRICE: $350

    AVAILABLE: www.shopbop.com

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