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    2010 November 4

    Pen and Ink

    WHAT: Classic Sterling Silver pen by Graf von Faber-Castell

    WHY: If you happen to be heading uptown to Ralph Lauren this evening for a cocktail fête, attention: there's more than just gorgeous clothes to be had. The Rhinelander Mansion flagship is now offering "curated" pieces hand-picked by Lauren himself, including this gorgeous sterling fountain pen. It is time to graduate from those Bics, n'est-ce pas? After all, Ralph knows best.

    PRICE: $850 for Fountain Pen ($750 for Rollerball; $495 for Ballpoint)

    AVAILABLE: Ralph Lauren, 867 Madison Avenue, New York, 212.606.2100

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  • green-agate-ring_resized_.jpg

    2010 November 3

    Choose Your Own Aventurine

    WHAT: Clementina Ring by Sho at Kabiri

    Sure, the bright green stone on this chunky cocktail ring is stunning. Same goes for the bright yellow sapphires and glossy gold setting. But we'd be lying if we didn't admit that a part of our love for this fabulous ring is all in the name of the stone: aventurine, from the Italian a ventura which means by chance. You may have stumbled upon this jewel by chance, but if we were vous, we wouldn't let it go...

    PRICE: $731


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  • SANG_A_Mini_Pop_Black_Seasnake_hi-res_resized_.jpg

    2010 November 2

    Pop Goes The Bag

    WHAT: SANG A Mini Pop bag in black seasnake

    WHY: The satchel, the messenger, the clutch---you probably are stocked in the classic bag shapes, but what of the round little pouch? This Sang A Mini Pop bag (though don't be fooled by the name; it's still big enough to store plenty of essentials) is adorable but still prefectly practical, luxe in black seasnake---it also comes in blue/gold dégradé or bright yellow python---and just a little edgy with that bright gold zipper trim.

    PRICE: $1,595

    AVAILABLE: www.sanga.com

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  • AmberSwitchPlumKnot_resized_.jpg

    2010 November 1

    Triple Time

    WHAT: Katherine Kwei Amber Switch bag

    WHY: You're always on the lookout for accessories that perfrom double-duty---but triple? This Switch bag has Kwei's signature knotted fringe in plum on the outside and silver on the inside. If you'd rather be purple, you can leave the bag as-is, or simply zip off the fringe, flip it inside out, and re-fasten for a more festive metallic bag. Purists can even go sans fringe by zipping the trim off entirely. And of course, if you buy the black version as well, you can sport black fringe on plum, plum fringe on black, silver fringe on...well, you get the idea. How's that for variety?

    PRICE: $665

    AVAILABLE: www.stefanibags.com/

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