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    2010 November 9

    The Sweet Smell of Success

    WHAT: Saffron James Parfums in Ipo

    WHY: Typically, beauty routines are best kept in the boudoir---whenever we catch someone applying mascara in a car or hairspray in the subway (it has happened), we worry for both their and our safety. Not so with a handy roll-on fragrance, like these perfect little Mini Oil Roller Balls from Saffron James. The brand's latest scent, Ipo (which means sweetheart in Hawaiian), has fresh notes of violet, Moroccan rose, orange blossom, Tahitian gardenia and lemongrass. Trust us: your fellow subway riders will be pleased as punch with this one.

    PRICE: $85

    AVAILABLE: www.saffronjames.com

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    2010 November 8

    Carrying Kotur

    Carrying Kotur

    WHAT: Kotur guipere lace clutch

    WHY: Let's be honest: a good clutch is hard to find. Too big, too small, too hard to carry, too dressy, too casual...the list of conditions goes on. We may have finally found perfection, however, in this Kotur choice. The heavy black guipere lace is layered over faintly metallic suede for a gorgeous but not-too-precious finish, complete with chunky crystal clasp. And remember that hard-to-carry qualification? This one offers a handy chain strap. Voila!

    PRICE: $550

    AVAILABLE: tomorrow at www.ahalife.com

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    2010 November 5

    Story Time

    WHAT: Etten Eller 12.10.1938 brass watchband pendant

    WHY: You're a sucker for a good story, and this little piece is full of 'em. Designer Tini Bloom started the Etten Eller collection with jewelry created out of pocketwatch parts---in fact, the pendant on this necklace is a brass watchband (take a closer look here). In addition, every piece in the collection is named after a date, and in this case, 12.10.1938, or December 1, 1938, is the date the first stretch of the freeway in Los Angeles was opened to traffic. If you're just in it for the fashion, that's okay, too---and this elegant necklace would look just as right in the front as it would stretching long down the back.



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  • GVFC_SS_FP_resized_.jpg

    2010 November 4

    Pen and Ink

    WHAT: Classic Sterling Silver pen by Graf von Faber-Castell

    WHY: If you happen to be heading uptown to Ralph Lauren this evening for a cocktail fête, attention: there's more than just gorgeous clothes to be had. The Rhinelander Mansion flagship is now offering "curated" pieces hand-picked by Lauren himself, including this gorgeous sterling fountain pen. It is time to graduate from those Bics, n'est-ce pas? After all, Ralph knows best.

    PRICE: $850 for Fountain Pen ($750 for Rollerball; $495 for Ballpoint)

    AVAILABLE: Ralph Lauren, 867 Madison Avenue, New York, 212.606.2100

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