• On The Fly baby bottle warmer

    2011 January 12

    On The Fly

    On The Fly Baby Bottle Warmer

    WHAT: On the Fly Baby Bottle Warmer

    WHY: Feeding doesn't have to involve a day at the zoo. Just ask mom-preneur Maureen Christy, the creative mind behind the most coveted bottle warmer on the playground. The double-layered stretch bottle sock keeps formula tepid for twelve full hours. No boiling. No batteries. No joke. Moms really do know best.

    AVAILABLE: $18.99 for a small starter kit, $19.99 for a large starter kit, OnTheFlyBottle.com

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  • Becca Moon Heller Boot

    2011 January 11

    Frontier Footwear

    Becca Moon Heller Boot

    WHAT: Becca Moon Heller Boot in Light Brown Speckle

    WHY: Because we love any cowboy bootie that references a sixties Sergio Leone western as much as the next girl. These light brown speckled leather kickers feature an exposed side-zip, button-flap, and stacked wooden heel to help you pioneer through the wild frontier (or an urban jungle) without a hitch. As Becca says, "They are not meant to be taken seriously. Wear them out. Drive over them. Leave them out in the sun."

    AVAILABLE: $525, OakNYC.com, or call 310.392.3400

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  • Sophie Monet Jewelry

    2011 January 10

    Gaga for Agate

    Sophie Monet's Double Finger Agate Ring in Shedua Wood

    WHAT: Sophie Monet's Double Finger Agate Ring in Shedua Wood

    WHY: Because we like to brave the natural elements in our own way. Made with fine-grained agate perched atop hand crafted shedua wood, this earthy trinket winks at Mother Nature without leaving a trail of patchouli behind. Plus, agate is the stone of harmony, creativity, and good fortune. Viva 2011, we'll take two.

    AVAILABLE: $128, SophieMonetJewelry.com

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  • Fekkai Essential Shea Ultra-Rich Mask

    2011 January 7

    Your New Essential

    Fekkai's Essential Shea Ultra-Rich Mask

    WHAT: Fekkai's Essential Shea Ultra-Rich Mask

    WHY: Your skin isn't the only thing getting hit with the snowy winter elements this new year. Fekkai to the rescue, as usual. This conditioning treatment will smooth out coarse locks, thanks to a mixture of a moisturizing renewal complex and the magic of shea butter. Pair it with regular use of the line's shampoo and conditioner to de-stress those tresses.

    AVAILABLE: $30, Fekkai.com

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