• Personalized Leather Multi Envelope

    2014 January 24

    Secret Stash

    WHAT: HarLex Personalized Leather Multi Envelope Clutch Bag

    WHY: Everyone has secrets, and we all need something to store them in, right? Cue this storage-savvy clutch that provides three discreet sections in a petite shape. There’s one space for your money, another for your various vices (emergency dark chocolate reserve, anyone?), and the last one for your multiple tech devices. If the nude hue isn’t your tone, you can select from two color options and four thread choices. Staying stealthy and stylish, made easy.

    AVAILABLE: $212.50, shopcade.com 

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  • Nadia Rainbow

    2014 January 23

    Sleek And Slick

    WHAT: Nineteen Pieces Nadia Rainbow Earrings

    Shark Week might only be seven days long (and the next one is 193 days away), so why not get into the spirit a little early with these Nineteen Pieces earrings? Their captivating faux oil slick finish should do the trick. While we’re certainly not a fan of oil spills, the glossy, iridescent effect is positively bewitching. Talk about toothsome baubles! Pre-order now and have these lobe transformers at your disposal come March.

    $64, NineteenPieces.com

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  • Secret de Nuit

    2014 January 22

    Sleep On It

    WHAT: Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream

    Aside from a glass of water and a thrilling novel, Phyto's Secret de Nuit is a bedside table necessity. Apply the hydrating cream before hitting the pillow, and wake up in the morning with soft tresses and a glowing aura. The best feature? No need to wash it out come morning, as this magical potion is of the leave-in variety. Who says you can't beautify while you get your beauty rest? 

    $38, Sephora.com

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  • Four Leaf Clover

    2014 January 21

    Luckily Gilded

    WHAT: Cruciani C Gold Edition Four Leaf Clover in Ocean Blue Lurex

    If you're looking to improve your luck, wrap your wrist in this four-leaf clover ladden macramé bracelet from Cruciani C. One with a golden touch should help with the cause, especially if it's limited edition. Whether your aim is to win the lotto or score big at the next sample sale, this Italian bauble is all you'll need. Plus, isn't everything better with a bit of gold?

    $400, CrucianiC.com

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