• Kate Somerville 360 Degree Tanning Towelettes To Go

    2011 July 15

    Towelette Full of Sunshine

    WHAT: Kate Somerville' 360 Degree Tanning Towelettes To Go

    WHY: It's 90 degrees out, you're bathing on the beach in a sexy bikini, and you still don't have a tan.  Tanning beds? A big no with the dermotologists.  Spray tans?  Probably not so convenient when on a vacation.  Tanning towelettes?  Bingo!   Worry no more sun-baithers, because Kate Somerville has come to the rescue.

    Kate Somerville's 360 Degree Tanning Towelettes To Go are an easy and safe solution to getting that stunning summer glow.  Packets contain two towelettes  with paraben-free self-tanning formual to give you a quick and even application with no streaking.  What's best about these towelettes?  You won't turn orange.  Between two to four hours, you'll have the summer tan you've always wanted. 

    AVAILABLE: $10, Sephora.com 

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