• “Miami The Fashion & Friendly Guide”

    2012 December 5

    Tour Guide

    WHAT: Miami: The Fashion & Friendly Guide, by Carole Sabas and The Webster's Laure Hériard Dubreuil

    WHY: What's the must-have accessory for Art Basel? Miami: The Fashion & Friendly Guide, which is broken down into essential categories like "Eating and Juicing," "Sleeping & No Sleeping," plus all the fashion, beauty, and art you could want for Basel and far beyond. Trust us, you'll never look like a tourist again. Instead, hit the local hangouts, get your hair done by on-call stylists, and peruse your way through galleries, equipped with local advice from the likes of Calvin Klein, Andre Balazs, and Pharrell Williams. Happy travels, chicsters!

    AVAILABLE: $18, McNallyJackson.com

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