• Courtney Love and Alice Temperley

    2010 February 24

    Through the Looking Glass

    Toasting ALICE by Temperley with Courtney Love, Slash, and Tim Burton!

    (LONDON) On the last night of London Fashion Week, what better way to unwind than by falling through the rabbit hole? Selfridges hosted a perfectly mad fête for Disney and Alice Temperley as a joint launch for the designer’s new Alice by Temperley line and the upcoming Tim Burton film—and quelle trip. A performance by Courtney Love, an appearance by Slash (yes, that Slash), mini champagne bottles with tags reading “Drink Me,” waiters and bartenders in full make-up and top hats...even Lewis Carroll wouldn’t have known what hit him. The Daily caught up with the woman of the hour to talk about her current muses. BY EMILY GYBEN

    How did this extravaganza come together?
    Just before Christmas, Disney phoned us up and said, ‘Have you ever thought about doing anything for Alice?’ And I said, ‘Um, yes, we’ve just done a whole line called Alice!’—thinking they were being kind of funny. And they couldn’t believe it. They thought it was the weirdest coincidence. So we decided to do the party. My name is Alice, so in the press it’s always ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or my ‘Adventures in Wonderland’ or what have you. I’ve always loved her—my tiles in my house are Alice in Wonderland tiles! Being called Alice, you have an affiliation.

    How does the character relate to your line?
    Alice is free-spirited and a bit wild. Alice in Wonderland follows her own dream without conforming in any way, and I like that about her.

    What’s the biggest difference between Alice by Temperley and Temperley London? The Temperley main line is full of very special pieces with a lot more detail. They’re very grown up, and a lot more sophisticated. Alice is cheaper, full of everyday, wearable clothes. You can wash it in your washing machine.

    I assume tonight you’re wearing the Alice tonight?

    Yes. It’s how I dress in the countryside or at work!

    You know, Mulberry used music from The Jungle Book at their presentation. Is Disney having a fashion revival?
    With the recession, people are looking for fun. At the end of the day, it's about not taking yourself too seriously. It's just clothing!

    Which classic Disney movie will hit fashion next?
    The Lion King.

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