• Marjorie Gubelmann with Jesus Luz

    2010 February 1

    Things to Discuss: Personality and Effortless Style

    Chic simply adores Vie Luxe candles. Today, we visited the site in hopes of procuring another Sardinia (the best!)...and we couldn't help but read the "About Us" section. Without further ado: "Marjorie Gubelmann is the Founder and CEO of Vie Luxe...Marjorie is one of the most recognizable fixtures on the international social scene and has been profiled in W, Vogue, Elle Décor and Harpers Bazaar [sic] which dubbed her one of the New York society’s 'Most Celebrated Hostesses.' She counts as friends many of the world's best known fashion designers who naturally gravitate to her personality and effortless style. 'Women who captivate you are always about self-confidence,' says Michael Kors. 'Marjorie’s got that…she smiles big, and the laugh is infectious. That’s one of the reasons she’s so captivating. She enters the room with real bravado, and there’s something so refreshing about that.'"

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