• Graeme Armour, Spring 2010

    2010 February 4

    The British Are Coming

    (NEW YORK) Graeme Armour has shown his collection in London and Paris, but for Fall 2010, he has settled on New York. On February 14, the 28-year-old designer, who is based in London, will unveil his Yoko Ono-inspired looks at Milk Studios. Graeme is focusing on clothes that are "less Lady Gaga and more like Lady Gaga if she was a bit more sophisticated." The Daily picked his brain.

    You used to work for Alexander McQueen. Do you keep in touch?
    No, I haven’t spoken with the team from McQueen for about 2 years now. Everyone is just so busy, but they’ve been really supportive the last time I spoke with them and I’m sure they wish me the best.
    What is the Graeme girl like? 
    A little bit darker than last season. She’s quite frivolous.
    What are you excited to see in NYC?
    The Beatrice Inn. I hear it reopened. Obviously, I’d love to see the Proenza show.
    You're collaborating with Swarovski this season. Anyone else you'd like to work with?
     I would love to find a great knit collaborator. We could do beautiful cashmeres and things like that.
    Has Lady Gaga requested more of your pieces?
    She’s already tried to wear many! We’re having hassles with her at the moment because she never gives us the clothes back so she might not be getting any.
    What freaks you out?
    Mice! We had a mouse in the studio the other day, and that really freaks me out. I won’t go back in for a whole day. Do you know what else freaks me out? Fingernails. If someone clips a fingernail and I find it, that freaks me out.
    What are your current obsessions?
    I’ve moved away from gold this season. I’m obsessing about silver. I love gold. I mean, I like a bit of bling. And I like doing the dishes.

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