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    2011 March 24

    Such Great Heights

    Charlotte Olympia Bebel textured cotton platform pumps

    WHAT: Charlotte Olympia Bebel textured cotton platform pumps

    WHY: When a heel measures up with a teetering height over five inches, the aesthetic appeal is usually countered by the resulting wobbly gait... and the very real possibilty of a spindly stiletto heel snapping like a twig. Quite the contrary with this punchy sunflower yellow pair of Charlotte Olympia pumps designed by British chicette Charlotte Olympia Dellal. The awe factor is definitely there -- say hello to an additional 5.5 inches tacked on to your height! But the thick, angularly-cut slab of a gleaming, deep brown wood platform and a matching, commandingly wide heel offers a more stable strut, and creates a delicious contrast with the sunny woven uppers as well. It's an utterly statement-making pair to step out in, and certainly not for the vertigo-inclined.

    AVAILABLE: $930, Net-a-Porter.com

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