• Khirma Eliazov Demling clutch

    2011 December 22

    Sting(ray) Operation

    WHAT: Khirma Eliazov Demling Oversized Clutch 

    WHY: With this sumptuous dusky blue clutch, the parts—as in, python, stingray, and rich navy leather—are just as delicious as the whole. Leave it to a former accessories editor to craft a positively covetous collection of clutchables, roomy duffles, convertible pouchettes, and everything in between. Sure, there are plenty of innovative touches of practicality to be found in Eliazov's line (say, a lush black leather bucket bag tinged in python that transforms into a petite knapsack, or chain straps that snap into a clutch and also morph into a fashionable fanny). But the real draw? Curvaceously-shaped, piped swirls of exotic skins that pop in juxtaposition. Plus, these carryables satiate our infatuation as of late with stingray, well, everything. 

     $1,295, KhirmaEliazov.com

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