• Amy Zerner Astrology necklaces

    2012 March 23

    Sign Language

    WHAT: Amy Zerner Astrology Necklaces 

    WHY: Signed, sealed, delivered, these 14K-plated bronze disk-shaped necklaces from Amy Zerner should be yours. Finally, a subtle way to get attuned with your astrological sign! Complete with a healthy dose of weathered hammering and totally intentional dings, the pendants are engraved with one's corresponding symbol (a pretty bull for the Tauruses out there; Aquariuses get a lovely splash of water spilling from a pitcher, and so forth) on one side, while a corresponding sign-apropos word is scrawled on the back, from the Capricorn being in touch with "real"-ity to the Libra's mastery of "balance." Stylish symbolism, non?

    $250, BergdorfGoodman.com

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