• Restorsea Day and Eye Creams

    2012 December 21

    Salmon Fishing...But Not in Yemen

    Restorsea Day and Eye Cream

    WHAT: Restorsea Day and Eye Cream

    WHY: Looking for a last minute (and uber-luxe) stocking stuffer for the beauty obsessed? Send in the salmon! This duo of creams was created by beauty vet, Patricia Pao, after visiting a salmon hatchery in Norway where she immediately noticed the difference between the workers youthful hands and not-so-youthful faces. The hidden secret was an enzyme found in baby salmon hatching fluid that she developed into a complex, Vibransea. But enough of the science, what does this mean for you? Your skin gets intense hydration, elasticity, and smoothness not to mention it exfoliates like a glycolic acid sans side effects. Throw in some Vitamin C to brighten skin tone and brown algae to help reduce inflammation and you'll instantly become obsessed--we certainly did! Pair it with the eye cream to reduce those dark under-eye circles (post-holiday party, perhaps?) while battling puffiness and fine lines. Scoop it up at Bergdorf Goodman if you're still in the city, it's officially Daily tested and Daily approved!

    AVAILABLE: $150 (day cream), $85 (eye cream); RestorSea.com

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