• PRICE: $940

    2010 January 28

    Reece's Pieces

    Reece Hudson cuts out the flash--but still makes a splash

    WHAT: Reece Hudson No. 1 clutch

    WHY: It's easy for clutches to be a bit...precious. Crystals, bow, metallics--it's not that you don't love a gleaming Judith Leiber now and then, but sometimes a bit more pared-down is just perfect. Enter Reece Hudson, a line of bags just as luxe as they are rugged, for a downtown, casual vibe that's still completely chic. (Oversized, neutral colored, and so cool--could we have found the perfect Fashion Week clutch?) The brand is one to watch, for sure; come Fashion Week, they'll hold a presentation in a private apartment on Astor Place. You know what we'll be carrying...

    PRICE: $940

    AVAILABLE: Castor & Pollux, New York 

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