• Dana Lorenz and Jenna Lyons

    2010 April 14

    Part of the Crew

    (NEW YORK) In the last few years, preppy go-to J. Crew has been opening its arms to everything from Ray-Bans to Levi’s to Bass loafers to Essie nail polishes to stash in the stores. Yesterday, the brand welcomed a new name: Fenton/Fallon. Jewelry designer Dana Lorenz and J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons celebrated the new collaboration with a cocktail fête at J. Crew’s Prince Street outpost, attended by the likes of Mary Alice Stephenson, Mickeys Drexler and Boardman, and the event's co-host Sally Singer.

    “We met at a dinner party at Maria Cornejo’s house,” said Lyons of the birth of the partnership. “We were sitting next to each other and talking, and she mentioned that she was a jewelry designer. Maria’s house is a little nutty, and there’s a lot going on, but somehow we ended up next to each other again and I asked her what jewelry she designed and she said Fenton/Fallon. I was like, Jesus Christ—I had a stack of papers on my desk of pictures of her necklaces and I had been trying to find them. None of them had names on her website, so I just printed them all out and would call Bergdorf and say, ‘Do you have this?’ They were like, ‘I don’t know, lady, you have to come up.’"

    “She didn’t have to tone it down, and we didn’t want her to! We really just went for it,” continued Lyons of the collaboration, before skipping off to procure herself a pink lemonade cocktail—the color of which perfectly matched her peachy ensemble. “I wonder if that was on purpose!”

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