• Prestat Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Thins

    2013 May 9

    Matcha Maker

    WHAT: Prestat Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Thins

    Let's take an oh-so-brief and delicious break from more fashion-crazed matters to share a truly unique, utterly addictive treat from the British chocolatiers at Prestat (even the Queen likes their sweets!). These green tea disks are constructed of chocolate and kissed with Earl Grey tea notes; that flavor combo is a match(a) made in heaven. Truly. Besides being ridiculously pretty, you will not be able to stop after one (or 10). So, you could get them for Mom (remember what's happening this Sunday, darlings?). Or, you could always double up and fetch two of these snazzy-looking lime boxes for mom and yourself. We advise the latter!

    $19, ChelseaMarketBasket.com

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