• Sunday Riley's Liquid Diet

    2010 May 27

    Liquid Diet

    Memorial Day weekend approaches, and we all know what that means: swimsuit time! You're all more than familiar with the master cleanse, Blueprint Cleanse, and various other torturous ways of getting skinny last-minute, but may Chic suggest an option that requires no starvation? Sunday Riley's Liquid Diet is not a juice or otherwise orally-taken concoction, but rather a skin treatment that fights water weight, puffiness, swelling and bloating. Ingredients like Kola Nut and caffeine act as natural diuretic, while Bladderwrack Marine Algae fights water weight and NV-5 Ageless Complex rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin. Enjoy that cheeseburger, and look hot in your bikini? Quelle chance! THE DETAILS: Sunday Riley Liquid Diet, $105, www.sundayriley.com

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