• Jeff Koons

    2010 February 3

    Koons’ Studio Hour

    Jeff Koons celebrates the announcement of his BMW collaboration

    (NEW YORK) It’s not every day that Jeff Koons invites about 200 guests to his Chelsea studio, no matter how expansive it may be. But when he did last night, to celebrate his collaboration with BMW, he did it in style. We’re talking white-gloved champagne service, lots of neatly assembled collectors, and catering by Thomas Keller of Per Se. “I’ve pretty much moved my restaurant operation to Jeff’s home for a day,” Keller laughed. Guests like Klaus Biesenbach, Ingrid Sischy and Sandy Brant, and Yvonne Force Villareal enjoyed everything from macaroons to freshly baked chocolate cakes.

    As for the man of the hour? Koons was looking forward to creating the 17th BMW Art Car and following some impressive predecessors. “It doesn’t get cooler than this,” he said. “I mean, Stella and Warhol made one too. I just have to get one for my collection eventually.” Other artists who’ve collaborated with the car maker in the past include David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, and Alexander Calder. Even Oksana Baiul took in the action. “I love Jeff’s work,” she smiled. “And you know us Russians--when we love something, we start collecting it.”

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