• Wool and the Gang Trophy Headband Kit

    2012 March 9

    Knit Picking

    WHAT: Wool and the Gang Trophy Headbands Kit in Margaux Red/Midnight Blue

    Has knitting occupied a semi-permanent spot on your to-do lists since, well, forever? Stop procrastinating, cheri! No classes or hitting up grandma for pointers via phone necessary. Pick up this kit from the creative DIY crew at Wool and the Gang to turn out a bevy of cozy, chunky knit headbands in shades of maroon and navy for you and a few friends. If you're even mildly adept at knocking needles and such, you'll have some chic ear dethawing accoutrements before winter's end. And if the learning curve is a bit slower, it's still an awesome excuse for a bit of adult arts and crafts time. What could be better?! 

    $59, Us.WoolAndTheGang.com 

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