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    2011 August 12

    Go Try It On Launches Personal Style Network

    (NEW YORK) Go Try It On announces the launch of their Personal Style Network today in association with Gap and Sephora. The crowdsurfing style-meets-techie site is an interactive hub where members can upload their wardrobe and makeup pics for instant user feedback. The webbie will now host expert personal stylists from Gap and Sephora for designated hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Plus! You'll be able to form a personal style network of your most trusted, runway-savvy friends, co-workers, and well-known stylists so when you submit pics, your chosen clique will be immediately notified for real-time replies. Over time, carefully compiled behind-the-scenes data, or "outfit metrics," caters to your personal needs by giving advice on what you should and should not be sporting on the streets. “I’ve always envisioned Go Try It On as the place where the fitting room meets the Genius Bar,” explains founder and creator Marissa Evans. “What makes the platform revolutionary is that it is all about the exchange--where other social networks are one-sided conversations, our site structures the dialogue for the community giving it meaning and real-life application.”

    Go Try It On debuted in March 2010 during SXSW with the financial backing of Index Ventures, an investor of Net-A-Porter and Etsy. "I started Go Try It On because over the years I noticed that whenever my friends would get ready together it was a very social event--everyone would be asking each other 'How about this top with these jeans, or should I wear a skirt?" explained Evans. "No one wanted to make a decision without a crowd consensus...safety in numbers!" Currently, over 10 million men and women weigh in on the site. (All constructive critiques, bien sûr!) Brands like Zara, Forever21, Gap, and H&M are most frequently tagged in outfits fit for first interviews or first dates. Just recently, the company launched a 3.0 iPhone app that has garnered more than 250,000 users.

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