• Natalie Rykiel

    2010 February 5

    Dating Advice from Nathalie Rykiel

    (NEW YORK) Nathalie Rykiel celebrated the Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M launch yesterday afternoon at Bobo. The Spring 2010 knitwear collection will launch February 20th, with references reminiscent of Sonia Rykiel and her trademark sense of whimsy. The Daily was also feeling nostalgic, so we asked the designer to reminisce.

    Tell us about your childhood.
    You know, Sonia Rykiel is my mother before anything. We have a very strong, great relationship--made with a lot of love, obviously. When we talk about work, it’s a lot of mutual respect, admiration, and sharing the same vision--most of the time. It’s not always easy for a human being to have such a strong, iconic mother, but I think I'm very lucky in the end.
    Did she cook for you?
    Absolutely! She used to cook a specific soup on Sunday nights. It’s very little pasta in milk. Absolutely delicious. She used to do a wonderful raisin pie with caramel. All sorts of things. My mother was a great cook.
    What was it like when you started dating? Did she like the boys you brought home?
    I remember my first lover. She hated him. He made me unhappy. I was extremely in love, and he was not the right guy. You don’t want to know that it’s not the right guy, but she knew as a mother.
    Was she mean to him?
    No, because I didn’t let her. I saw him away from the house. The story didn’t last long anyway.
    Did you sneak out at night?
    Oh, yes, of course. But I was a good child. I was not very naughty. I became much naughtier when I grew older.
    Did Sonia try to give you any advice on men or dating?
    No, she didn’t say much. I think the best example was to see her living her life as a woman. She would never sacrifice anything whether it was her children or work for a man, for a relationship. I think I’m pretty much the same, you know. When you have a strong love relationship, it’s central. It gives you strength to do all the rest. It gives you power when you are loved and when you love a man. You are invincible.
    Coco Chanel used to say the opposite—that women in love are like slobbering dogs who lose their ambition.
    I think when you're in a relationship that is happy—when you love a man who loves you—you become the strongest woman in the world. When you are in a relationship that is unhappy, which means you love somebody that doesn’t love you, you become really stupid. You lose a lot of strength.
    What’s your dating advice to women?
    (Lola Rykiel, Natalie's daughter interjects): I know what she’d say. “Call him!”
    Life is short and you might as well know if it’s going to work or not as quickly as possible so that you can find your integrity to meet someone else.

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