• Brother and Sister

    2011 March 9

    Crangi Knows Best

    Is Philip Crangi's Sister Courtney Paying Attention?

    Philip and Courtney Crangi are not only brother and sister, but they also work together, so they seemed like the perfect duo to answer our first "How well do you REALLY know him?" quiz. Can Courtney answer even the most bizarre questions about her CFDA award-winning bro? Her answers astounded us!  


    What was Philip's worst subject in school?

    Philip: Math! 

    Courtney: Math, spelling, waking up to even get there. He’s always had the gift to see past the b.s. That, combined with being infinitely smarter and wiser than most of our teachers, led to a general disinterest in school.  But he’s always been an avid learner. His ability to retain, recall, and apply information has blown my mind since we were kids. He’s one of the smartest men you’ll ever meet.     


    What item of clothing does Philip wear the most?

    Philip: I've been totally committed to my Comme/Doc Marten boots in ox blood. I haven't taken them off since I bought them in September. Also, my Canadian army parka because it been so f***ing cold!


    Courtney: He doesn’t repeat much: old APC jeans, but that’s a little cliché to say jeans. He goes through cycles.  This winter he’s been wearing a beautiful chunky, red Prada sweater, his Comme de Garcons/Dr. Marten boots, and always one of his vintage handkerchiefs.  


    What is Philip's favorite thing to order at Pastis?

    Philip: Chicken paillard salad

    Courtney: Chicken paillard salad


    What is Philip's favorite magazine?

    Philip: World of interiors, Fantastic Man

    Courtney: That’s a hard one. World of Interiors & The New Yorker?  As a kid it was Omni & National Geographic.  


    What is Philip's favorite Stevie Nicks song?

    Philip: "Bella Donna"

    Courtney: "Bella Donna"

    What is Philip's favorite movie?
    Philip: Star Wars and anything from Woody Allen
    Courtney: Stardust Memories


    Who was Philip's best friend in second grade?

    Philip: I guess Jeremy Jones.

    Courtney: Our neighbor, Jeremy Jones, but really Mrs. Jones – Jeremy’s mom.  


    Where did Philip meet his boyfriend?

    Philip: The Pines, Fire Island. I know, it's hard to believe.

    Courtney: Fire Island


    Who would Philip like to meet?

    Philip: Charlotte Rampling

    Courtney: Charlotte Rampling? 


    Who is Philip's favorite hero in fiction?

    Philip: Somewhere between Sherlock Holmes and Anna Madrigal.

    Courtney: Mrs. Madrigal, from Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City.


    How does Philip groom his beard?

    Philip: With some very sharp scissors and a lot of patience.

    Courtney: With scissors, always leaving natural edges.  


    What time does Philip set his alarm clock?

    Philip: Ugh, I hate that phrase, "set your alarm." I'm not much of a morning person.

    Courtney: Whatever time it is, he’s hitting the snooze a lot. We’re vampires, not morning people.

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