• RGB for TENOVERSIX "Blonde on Blonde" Nail Polish

    2012 March 5

    Blondes Get Nailed

    WHAT: RGB for TENOVERSIX “Blonde on Blonde” Nail Polish 

    WHY: So a blonde walks into a nail salon...and has the chicest of shades named after her! How's that for a fair-haired wisecrack? This creamy, opaque blonde bombshell shade will gives your digits the flaxen goddess effect, minus the bleach or any other harmful chemicals. The nail mavens at RGB Cosmetics partnered with L.A. bastion of chic TENOVERSIX to create this limited-edition polish inspired by golden coiffed West Coast gals. A pretty little nude with a touch of sun, “Blonde on Blonde” is a lust-worthy springtime color for both the neutrally-inclined and those exhausted from aggressively bright, dark, and/or metallic talons. Plus! Thanks to the name, it's a Bob Dylan-approved hue, to boot. 

    AVAILABLE: $16, TenOver6.com

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