• Yigal Azrouel

    2010 August 27

    A Moment With...Yigal Azrouel

    (NEW YORK) Yigal Azrouel just announced the launch of his women’s shoe collection, which will debut for the Spring 2011 season. The Daily caught up with the designer to chat about his latest venture, his undying love of surfing, and his own version of “vegging out”…hint: it involves running 26 miles!

    You just returned from Malibu! Are you refreshed?
    It’s been so great! I spent two days in Malibu, and the waves were just beautiful. I was so happy to take a break with a relaxing weekend. It was raining here in New York, while the weather was perfect in Malibu. I’ve been surfing all my life, and so for me, any moment I can go surfing is wonderful. I just grab my board and ride the wave.

    Is Malibu your favorite surf spot?
    I love Malibu, but my favorite is Costa Rica. I’ve been going there for the past eight years. I surf a lot of places, like South America, and I grew up surfing in Israel. But there’s just something about the Playa Negra in Costa Rica.

    What was the inspiration behind the shoe collection?
    I’ve done collaborations in the past with Manolo Blahnik and Walter Steiger, and this season I found a great partnership in Italy working with Peron. The whole idea is to create something that can go hand in hand with the collection. It can give it a complete look. Putting the shoes together is like sculpturing. I didn’t really realize at first how many components go into constructing the shoe. It’s definitely a lot of small detail, and I try to keep it as clean and minimal as possible. When you hold the shoe in your hand you can see it’s like a small sculpture.

    Having ventured into men’s and shoes, are there any new avenues you’d like to go down now?
    Down the road I'm working on so many different potential collaboration and lifestyle projects like that. I'm really into collaborations with other designers and artists. These new ventures are always inspiring me. For example, the menswear has certainly inspired the women’s collection. I like the masculine aspect to come out in the women’s. It is interesting to combine those two.

    Where do you like to unwind and grab a bite during the summer?
    I spend a lot of time sitting outside at Bar Pitti. I love that place, and I love Italian food. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I go a week! You really can’t go wrong there.

    What’s the last best movie you saw?
    I really enjoyed Inception. I think I need to see it again. I need to find someone who hasn’t seen it yet! All the actors, and Ellen Page especially, were terrific. I’m always thinking, always dreaming, I’m here, but I’m not here. I’m thinking about the next thing. The subconscious always has something to tell you, especially during Fashion Week!

    You ran a marathon last year; are you going for round two?
    Yes, I'm training for the marathon now!  Running, surfing, this is how I relax. I can’t just sit and not do anything.

    Marathons are relaxing?
    It’s kind of a meditation for me. If I can’t surf, then I have to run. Running the marathon last year was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. Accomplishing something like that, running 26.2 miles, it was amazing. Even before that, all the training takes a lot. But at the same time, you get so much back. I’m training again this year, and I’m so excited at the prospect of the marathon. I can’t even describe the feeling. Trust me, you could do it, too!

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