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    2012 June 21

    A Moment with...Bruno Magli's Max Kibardin

    A Moment with Bruno Magli's Max Kibardin

    Bruno Magli is at Pitti to show off its limited edition collection with New York artist Brian Kenny and hosted a cocktail party at the Sesto Lounge at the Westin (apparently the Hotel Principe for the fashion flock in Florence!) yesterday to celebrate. We caught up with recently appointed creative director (and total dreamboat!) Max Kibardin for some cocktail small talk! 

    What's your favorite thing to do in Florence?
    [Laughs hysterically] Your question is fun! [laughs again] I'm always going to Pitti. I do try to grab a drink with friends, too. I like going to Trattoria Quattro Leoni for dinner. They have delicious meat! Anything you eat there is great. 

    How's the room service at the Westin?
    I haven't tried it yet.

    Is the fair exhausting?
    Not at all. It's fun. It's very inspiring. 

    You're a Milan resident, so what do you miss about home when you're away?
    Everything. I have a very complicated relationship with Milan. I love it, and I hate it. I've lived there for 15 years. It's a hard city to leave, but when you leave more, you feel like you deserve it. I love to leave there, but I always like to go back. It's complicated! 

    It's not easy to love. Somebody once said that Milan's best view is from the helicopter. 

    Have you ever lived in Florence?
    No, but I'd live here for sure! 

    What's new with the brand? 
    It's an old Italian brand and we're trying to bring it back. We have our heritage which we have to safeguard, but we're trying to bring excitement to the brand again. We're still going to keep it classic, but I'm trying to bring a little electricity. I'm working on a lot of projects to create excitement like the collaboration with Brian Kenny. 

    When are you coming to New York?
    We're going to open a store in the Madison Avenue area at the beginning of next year. 

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