2007 June 11

Carolina Herrera - Resort 2008

Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera
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(NEW YORK) There's more to Carolina Herrera than at first meets the eye. From far away, the dresses comprising her latest resort collection initially registered as impressionistic fields of flowers rendered in lush, vineyard colors. But never one to miss the forest for the trees, one of Herrera's greatest strengths has always been her prints, and up close they revealed themselves to be full of sharp, witty details. Hiding in plain sight were cheery retro folding chairs, ferns peeking out from behind alien-esque pods, and fractal-like paisleys composed of what appeared to be peacock feathers. And it's certainly in the details that she sets herself apart, be they cupcake-sized buttons|page| on topcoats,|page| skirts pleated to fan apart like an opening night curtain, or ruching on the bodice of a gown mimicking a most elegant ribcage. Her signature floor-grazing goddess gowns and this season's '50s-inspired flaring cocktail dresses anchor Herrera as a purveyor of classic femininity, but her embellishments declare her as subversive, perhaps even feminist—hardly a stretch, given the work ethic and business acumen her expanding lifestyle ventures indicate. But her clothing's ultimate selling point may just be its immediate loveliness. Sometimes, a flower is just a flower.