2007 June 14

Gucci - Resort 2008

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(NEW YORK) As remarkably bold a resort season as it's been, Gucci outbolded them all. Black, white, red, kelly green, and mustard yellow were Frida Giannini's colors of choice, and she put the restricted palette to work without once repeating herself. Her fresh-faced heroine, who sported a slicked-back ponytail, was one of those girls with scores of fashion phases, shifting styles like a chameleon as she ages but always with the same signature flourishes—in this case, wrist accessories galore and ubiquitous oversized Gucci shades. |page| Younger, sportier looks had a Back To the Future feel—think bobby soxer brought up to speed—with zippy cropped varsity bombers, swinging checked circle skirts, and peep-toe pumps. As the looks and fabrics grew up they got more elegant but never lost their edge, turning heads just as surely with oversized coral prints and arresting bamboo motifs, on short-sleeved and halter cocktail dresses as well as relaxed, chic tee and skirt combos, accented at the waist with wide leather belts and skinny, untied scarves at the neck. Her gentleman companion struck a pose halfway between biker and mod, all skinny high-button suits and attitude-laden leather jackets,|page| but it was the girl with the flaring skirts that wore the pants. And come October, she'll smell like the strong and feminine woman Giannini designs for, too, when her first fragrance, Gucci by Gucci, makes it formal debut.