2009 October 8

Louis Vuitton - Paris Spring 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Louis Vuitton Spring 2010
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(PARIS) Marc Jacobs tends to indulge a mixed bag of references, and for Spring 2010, identifying one key idea was as challenging as getting to one's seat on time. But maybe the big concept was found in the unexpected and supremely decadent accessories, like logoed bucket bags jangling along with charms, neon green foxtails, and fringed tassels. Jacobs is intent on removing any notion of French frippery from his Vuitton collections, and as such, he cobbled together the likes of tweedy suits, floral chiffon dresses, and the occasional army jacket with plenty of energy and sass. Biker-length shorts lent an '80s vibe, while looser, shorter metallic styles nodded towards the '90s. Piece by piece, there was plenty to love--but regardless, the Katie Grand-styled show made a fabulous impression.