2009 October 7

Chloé - Paris Spring 2010

Chloe Spring 2010 Chloe Spring 2010
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(PARIS) If you like ponchos and blanket dressing, you'll find plenty to love about Hannah MacGibbon's Spring collection. In her third season at Chloé, MacGibbon continues to refine her point of view, which tends to focus on loose-fit garçonne separates with winning accessories (this season, delicious croc flap bags that looked even better shown on a not-quite-flattering denim-on-denim ensemble). The bohemian cream dresses that earned such raves for Fall came back in a series of pleated, tiered dresses that made for plenty of romance on the runway (although they might be trickier to charm in the fitting room). MacGibbon pioneers new shapes, occasionally at the expense of sexiness. But this season's best idea--wildly chic capes, which make a great alterna-coat in the era of global warming--is bound to set trends.