2009 October 7

Chanel - Paris Spring 2010

Chanel Spring 2010 Chanel Spring 2010
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(PARIS) Lagerfeld's ingenious Spring storyline was told by a country lass who emerged from a haystack in crochet, clogs, and a basket bag. There were tweedy suits, too--just right for churchgoing, n'est-ce pas?--and a few babydoll dresses just right for a hoedown. (In fact, Lily Allen arrived just in time to start a party with Iekeliene and Charlotte on backup.) Lagerfeld infused the collection with the right amount of sexiness--stiff A-line skirts slit to the thigh, rosary tattoos wrapped in the leg space where skirt ends and knee begins. Tweed bags with a bit of raffia trim will work wonders on the sales floor, along with most everything else. Post-show gushing suggested that this is one of Chanel's best-loved shows in recent memory. Expect plenty of editorial love.