2009 October 5

Costume National - Paris Spring 2010

Costume National Spring 2010 Costume National Spring 2010
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(PARIS) It seems like everyone is doing the glamorous rock-n-roll look these days, but remember--this is Ennio Capasa's territory, and when it comes to designers who combine that spirit with supreme luxury, he has no competition. The best shrunken leather jacket of the season, in a caramel shade tinged with smoke? Check. The shredded lamé halter gowns (both short and long) that make evening look young and sexy again? He has that, too. Not to mention the accessories, most memorably a sandal-boot hybrid with plenty of sass. The chiffon moves just as beautifully as a pieced-together raw silk jacket. In clothes like these, it's pretty tough to look anything but great.