2008 October 2

Karl Lagerfeld - Paris Spring 2009

Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2009 Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2009
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(PARIS) The show at the Seine-side tent across the street from la Tour Eiffel began after a long period of complete noir. Suddenly, a model appeared in the center of the runway, roughly in front of the British press, framed by a ring of light and brought to life by a top-down barrage of smoke. Then the looks stomped out, mostly black and white, of course, waists cinched with wide belts with sweeping hip panels. They worked wonderfully over soft dresses, especially a shift endowed with tacked-on grey and white silk. A smattering of navy suits provided a welcome counterpoint to the B and W motif, while soft draped dove-grey frocks went easy on the sass. Equally memorable were the lace-like bracelets that snaked all the way up the arm, an idea repeated in several romantic hairpieces. Lagerfeld throws a bit of tendress right when it's needed--and it's that flawless balance that has become this collection's calling card.