2008 October 1

Sophia Kokosalaki - Paris Spring 2009

Sophia Kokosalaki Spring 2009 Sophia Kokosalaki Spring 2009
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(PARIS) La Greek en Egypte, c'est chic! Kokosalaki continues to refine her aesthetic, and yesterday's collection shown in the Tuileries proved that her once-uniform trend towards the aggressive side of things has been somewhat softened. These days, Kokosalaki masterfully tucks and drapes all types of silk, tossing Artemis and Cleopatra touches or two in the form of reptilian chest plates and bold, geometric embellishments. "The obvious point was easy," Kokosalaki said after the show, "but it also spread a bit in the Middle East. And when we grew up in Greece, we were steeped in the culture of sixties movies, with those very glamorous women. I tried to do that with a lot of irony--not literally." While sand, black, vermillion and cerulean were the primary colors used, a soft seafoam green nodded to more recent times--even if the feathered tassels hanging from the hemline weren't as easily placable.