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Yves Saint Laurent - Paris Fashion Week Spring 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2008 Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2008
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(PARIS) Eight enormous lit balloons illuminated the runway at Pilati's Spring 2008 show for Yves Saint Laurent, heralding a collection Pilati called "a dissertation on post-minimalist elegance." Elegant it was, but with playful details making Spring 2008 an homage to the YSL woman's duality. Although the show's focus was trousers and tightly tailored jackets, there were a few lovely satin dresses. In addition, Pilati played up the whimsical details and accessories--the iconic YSL logo designed in 1963 haphazardly finding its way onto jackets or tucked discreetly beneath layers of fabric. Stars were everywhere: appearing on belts and sandals, forming a colorful necklace collar on a jacket, and sprinkled across pristine white dresses for a flirty, feminine look. The sharp sculptural jackets, blazers, cardigans, and tuxedos were a nice contrast to the ruffles and frills dominating the runways this season.