2012 March 7

Paris Fall 2012: Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu

Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 Louis Vuitton Fall 2012
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(PARIS) Louis Vuitton
Marc Jacobs' fixation on headgear and Miss Havisham continues! His splendid collection for Vuitton referenced his Oliver Twist take on Fall in his eponymous collection, but the Vuitton girl has no need to look slapdash. Jackets and outerwear are the key components to the look, of course—wide-lapeled, faintly seventies numbers, with big, shiny buttons. Wallpaper prints are equally important, and best worn head-to-toe in fitted pantsuits. Nubby tweeds, a pleathary jackets, and square-toed Mary Janes made this fashion statement feel a little anti-, but it's only going to seem so for those unable to suss out Jacobs' wicked sense of humor. Although with every model accompanied by her own porter...how could you not?

Miu Miu
How do you feel about pantsuits? Because if you're a Miu Miu die-hard, they're de rigeur next season. Luckily, Miuccia's riff on this seventies mainstay incorporated a few different options, but suffice it to say all are loud. Maybe you like a double-breasted jacket, or maybe a single, but the silhouette is long, the pants are high-waisted and cropped, and the shirt is likely patterned. (Unless the tie's the statement.) Pattern-lovers, rejoice: Miuccia's checks and stripes and paisleys and florals come in all sorts of colors from mustard to cobalt to aubergine. Miuccia Prada threw in a few capes, tunics, and outerwear for good measure, but this Fall, her statement was essentially singular.